Sourcing & Production

Clyde Duneier Inc. manufactures fine jewelry all over the world, from Thailand and China, to India and the US. Each year, sourcing teams spend several weeks traveling around the globe to familiarize themselves with the latest trends in stones and materials.

CDI has access to the best materials at the best prices. A keen, up-to-date understanding of the international manufacturing landscape and exclusive relationships with their manufacturing facilities allow CDI to deliver excellent products at a range of price points.

All manufacturing facilities are dedicated to the highest standards of quality control as well as a commitment to providing a safe working environment for employees.



With a talented team of jewelry designers, Clyde Duneier Inc. uses the latest technology to bring all collaborations to life, in addition to offering a unique combination of technical expertise and inspired artistry. CDI oversees every aspect of the creation, from sketch to completion.


Sales & Merchandising

Beyond design and production, the capabilities of Clyde Duneier Inc. include data and trend analysis, sales guidance, and account management.

 An experienced team of sales and merchandising professionals bring unique insights to the process, thus ensuring the best possible assortment for each customer’s needs.