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About Us


A legacy four generations in the making, the Duneier story began with Max Duneier, an Austrian emigrant who arrived in New York City in 1910 with a single suitcase and a lifelong passion for exquisite gemstones. 

Years later, his son Clyde took over the business. Under his expertise, the firm became synonymous with the highest quality stones and precious metals—deepening the reputation for integrity and excellence associated with the Duneier name.

 Today, the third and fourth generations of Duneiers run the business, building upon tradition and upholding the values forged over the last century.


Leadership / Team

Marc Duneier and Dana Duneier—president and CEO, respectively—lead the business today. Marc’s son Jake and Dana’s daughter Danielle joined the company in 2008, bringing a fresh point of view and new business-building strategies.

Headquartered on Madison Avenue, Clyde Duneier Inc. (CDI) employs in-house project managers, brand managers, marketing directors, merchandisers, designers, and graphic designers.

CDI has the ability to breathe life into a brand’s unique vision by working closely with clients through every step of the process—from conception and design, to sourcing, crafting, and marketing.


Working With Us

Clyde Duneier Inc. is recognized throughout the industry for unique capabilities in creating proprietary and generic jewelry lines for major retailers.

Having partnered with the biggest names in the US and abroad, CDI has experience developing products at every level of the market. CDI takes great pride in understanding each client’s individual business, including their customers, brand values, and desires.